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Celebrating World Habitat Day - Our Top 10 Reasons Why Wood is a Good!


Happy #WorldHabitatDay! The global theme this year is housing and shelter. When it comes to homes with the smallest environmental footprint, the woods in our lives play a BIG part!


1. CLIMATE FRIENDLY - from the growing seedling to finished wooden house - absorbing CO2 while growing and storing greenhouse gases for hundreds of years. Did you know the carbon stored in an average wooden single-family house equals the amount of carbon that the average family produces by driving a car for 10 years.

 World Habitat Day 2

wood is the only natural, renewable material that provides diverse homes for both wildlife and people.


Sunlight is what it takes to make wood, making it the lowest energy building product - significantly less fossil fuels to produce than concrete, steel and plastics


the positive effects of the forests in our lives also extends to the use of wood in homes, offices and classrooms.

 World Habitat Day 3

we’re using 100% of every harvested tree is used – for the products we use every day and for green energy


6. JOBS - 
For our team wood is good for over 4800 direct jobs in Canada and the US.



 World Habitat Day 1



7. NET CARBON SINK – Our wood is environmentally certified and comes from a net carbon sink – storing more than we emit by growing more than we harvest every year.




8. NATURAL INSULATION – wood is a natural insulator – better than steel - and can help reduce fossil fuel energy consumption




9. TREEMENDOUS FOR RECREATION – from the forest trail to home – wood sustains many pastimes that make home special.




10. BUILDS COMMUNITY – The woods in our lives connect us with great community organizations like Habitat for Humanity – building new futures for deserving families from wood.