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Celebrating World Wetlands Day!


World Wetlands Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the vital role that wetlands play today. They are ecosystems that include marshes, pond and low-lying ground near the edge of a lake, river or ocean. Wetlands can mitigate climate change, maintain and improve water quality, are home to a diverse range of species, and much more. 

J.D. Irving, Limited's voluntary conservation program includes over 1,600 sites. Today, wetlands account for 286 of these! We are pleased to work with incredible partners such as the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Ducks Unlimited, Natural Resources Canada, Carleton University and Environment, Climate Change Canada, University of New Brunswick, Quality Deer Management Association, Maine In Land fish and Wildlife, CAST (Collaboration for Atlantic Salmon Tomorrow), Cooke Aquaculture, Northern Deer Research Partner, CFRU (Cooperative Forestry Research Unit), Gulf of Maine Research Institute, University of Maine, MSA (Miramichi Salmon Association) and the Universite Laval! 

Environment and Climate Change Canada have recently invested in the expansion of New Brunswick's Portobello Creek National Wildlife Area. An additional 268 hectares will be added, providing protection to the unique wetland habitat and giving wildlife a greater chance to thrive.

 Wetlands Day 2021

Photo credit: Andrew Kennedy


"We are pleased to work with partners like Environment and Climate Change on Canada's initiative to protect 25% of its oceans. J.D. Irving, Limited has standing partnerships with groups like Nature Conservancy Canada, Bird Studies Canada and Ducks Unlimited on wetland habitat conservation projects. Around the Portobello Creek we are already involved in silver maple floodplain and other conservation areas within 5km of this site as part of our voluntary conservation program of over 1700 sites," said Jason Limongelli, Woodlands Division, J.D. Irving, Limited.

We are proud to be part of an effort to help protect 25% of our lands and oceans in Canada! 

Read more about the expansion here!

About Portobello Creek

Portobello Creek National Wildlife Area (NWA) is part of a large alluvial floodplain located next to the St. John River, east of Fredericton, New Brunswick. Each spring the riverbanks overflow submerging all but the highest forested area, making it one of the most expansive wetland complexes in the Maritimes. It is is open throughout the year for activities like wildlife viewing, swimming, hiking, boating, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and more. 

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