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CFM welcomes another Puranik into the J.D. Irving family!


Originally from Bangalore India, Sridhar Puranik moved to Saint John, New Brunswick in 2017. Shortly after his move, he started working with CFM (Custom Fabricators and Machinist) as a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Programmer. Currently, Sridhar oversees all major initiatives within the Machine Shop, acting as a Supervisor. 

Most recently, Sridhar's brother Maruthiswamy (Maru) made the move with his family and joined Sridhar in Canada! 

"When I found out we were looking for a CNC Programmer at CFM, I called my brother right away to tell him about the opportunity. It wasn't long after he was in Saint John for an interview and planning his new adventure to New Brunswick. My family and I were all so excited!" 

Maru started with CFM on July 2, 2019 and is working alongside Sridhar as a CNC Programmer. 


"The transition from India to Canada was wonderful. Everyone is so friendly here! Everywhere we go it's "Welcome to Canada! Welcome to Saint John! It's so kind." says Maru. 

Maru and Sridhar worked together for a short period of time years ago in India, with the same company but different divisions. Now, they are working side by side daily, overseeing projects regarding 5 axis programming.

"Although we are excited to be working together, its still work! I am doing my best to guide Maru and get him familiar with all areas of the business. He's catching on quickly!" Sridhar notes.

On April 16, Sridhar. his wife and children all obtained their Canadian Citizenship! "It is a date I will never forget. One of the happiest days of our lives! I am so excited that we are able to live in this beautiful country."

At J.D. Irving, we are proud to have many families within our various businesses! From siblings, to father/daughter duos to grandmothers and grandsons, its a generational story!


Interviewer: What is your favorite part about Saint John so far?

Maru: The people! When we landed here it was the time of celebrating Canada. It was nice to see the amount of people who came together in this city to celebrate their country. Myself, my brother and our family went uptown Saint John to listen to music and enjoy the activities. Everyone is always so kind. It really is a great place! 

Interviewer: Sridhar, you must be excited to now have your brother live so close to you! 

Sridhar: I didn't have anyone here for a while except my friends who I met upon moving here and of course my wife and kids. Now, I have my brother and my kids get their cousins back! It's such a wonderful feeling. I do have to say, though, the way JDI and CFM welcomed my brother and his family was heartwarming. They brought them t-shirts, water bottles, bags and Canadian flags. You know, Maru was coming into a country where he doesn't know anyone here except for me. So, for JDI to make him feel so at home already was so nice for me to see. I love being part of this company. 

Our first priority is always to keep talented people home and bring them home.  Welcoming skilled newcomers is also part of our recruitment strategy.