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Changing Perspectives - Health and Safety During COVID-19


Safety First has taken on a whole new meaning during the Covid 19 pandemic.  Meet Julian Hogeterp: our #CoolJob feature and a key player in helping J.D Irving, Limited respond to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Since taking on the role as Corporate Director of Safety and Health Services in February 2020, Hogeterp is ensuring that we have the measures in place to prevent the spread of Covid 19 and protect our employees and communities. 

Julian's career with JDI began on the Sawmills and Woodlands team in 2016.  A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Julian brings 20 plus years of experience to his work with JDI. While focusing on the company prevention strategy,  training, and regulatory compliance, as well as managing the disability management and health services departments, Hogeterp is passionate about changing people's perspectives surrounding practicing safety.

"My goal is to re-focus and help people actively shift towards a positive view, and one that helps contribute to the effectiveness of the business," says Hogeterp. "My passion is safety leadership and I am happy that I can put my energy into this objective in my role with JDI." 

During this pandemic, Hogeterp's leadership has been essential as we re-focus on Health and Safety to drive the message that "safely operating" requires a foundation made from just that - keeping one another safe and healthy in our workplaces, in our communities, and in our homes. As part of helping our communities adapt to the "new normal",  Hogeterp has shared our Health and Safety practices with local business such as Habitat for Humanity REstore, Vitos Restaurants, Fundy Gymnastics, Slicksters Hairstyling, and Ken-Val Rehab & Sports Injury Centre Inc.  



JDI has also shared its work plan with those who might be interested.   

Julian has been part of a team that has implemented a growing number of changes to safeguard employees during Covid 19.   This includes over 3,000 daily checks across 195 sites,  new cleaning supply shipments everyday, with 99% cleaning compliance. 

"I am proud to have been a part of the JDI team during this crisis - helping coworkers stay safe and adapt," says Hogeterp. " Fighting COVID-19 has been my principal focus since taking on this corporate role and I appreciate the company's commitment to health and safety every step of the way."