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Coldest Night of the Year

March 25, 2022,

Employees from Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Alberta participated in Coldest Night of the Year. The national walk raises money for charities serving those most in need in the community. This walk, during a cold winter’s night, demonstrates some of the challenges faced by those experiencing homelessness, hurt, and hunger.

New Annan, P.E.I., employees walked for Harvest House, Prince Edward Island. The money raised will be used to serve Islanders who are struggling and help them transition to a healthier life.

Employees from the Head Office in Dieppe, N.B., walked for Youth Impact Jeunesse. The non-profit provides quality care and guidance to youth between 10 and 24 years of age with social, emotional, or behavioural challenges.

Lethbridge, A.B., employees supported Streets Alive Mission through helping to facilitate a donation of 10 cases of frozen potato products. Streets Alive Mission helps those struggling with poverty through programs that lift people out of homelessness and bring hope.

Employees from Saint John, N.B., walked for Outflow. Outflow works with people in Saint John who live in poverty and they address unemployment, hunger, homelessness, and medical costs.

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New Annan.jpeg

New Annan, PEI employees, from left to right are: Harleigh Canfield, Colleen Canfield, and Sarah Martin.


Dieppe, New Brunswick, employees, from left to right are: Vaish Vemireddy, Hannah Caron, Khadija Sabri, Poova Selvaraj, Anshul Khattar, Jasmine Saulnier, Amit Agnani, and Carly Johnston.


Lethbridge, AB employees, from left to right are: Duresa Usi, Ally MacKay, and Amar Razzak.


Saint John, NB employees, from left to right are: Hilary Steele, Heather Campbell, Nick Valcour, Patrick O’Neil, Matthew Oxford, Mike Simms, and Matthew Brun.