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College, Co-op, Career: Meet Alyce


Alyce studied at New Brunswick Community College and joined the team at KENT Building Supplies as a co-op student. She was offered a full-time job before graduation.

When asked why she chose JDI to launch her career, Alyce shared, “I knew it was a company with lots of opportunity and that’s what drew me to wanting to work here.”

Just a few years into her career Alyce is headed back to the classroom to pursue her Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) designation.  Alyce is one of five supply chain employees JDI is supporting through the SCMA designation in 2018. 

“It was my boss who really encouraged me to pursue my SCMA designation. It’s part of the culture here; JDI encourages their employees to pursue professional designations, to continue learning and to always improve. It’s great I get to pursue this so early in my career.”

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