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JDI is recruiting harvesters and truckers for New Brunswick and Maine forestry operations.

Twelve students are currently taking the Class 1 truck driving course, which is being held at A.J. Savoie High School in St. Quentin, NB.   These students are learning to truck, with a specialty in off-road forest truck-driving skills.

We have had success in the past with recruiting fairs in St. Stephen, Fredericton, Edmundston, and Saint John and are continuing our recruitment efforts.  These fairs are a good opportunity for people interested in trucking to see the equipment and talk to recruiters and forestry staff directly.

Last spring/summer JDI added 15 new chip truck contractors in southern New Brunswick.  Most were the result of the recruiting events held in Saint John.  JDI increased the number of existing chip truck contractors by six, for a total of 21 trucks in southern New Brunswick.  In addition the company put 13 truck drivers through truck driver school; and all of these candidates also came from the Saint John recruiting events.

JDI is currently working with the New Brunswick Community College in St. Quentin and the Transport Training Centres of Canada in Moncton for our truck driver development.  In Maine, central New Brunswick, and southern New Brunswick, 12-week training schools will be held for harvester operators and contractors using a combination of JDI resources and professional skills coaches.

Please submit résumés to or or call 1-888-678-0724.

Harvester training school schedule:
May 6, 2013: Southern NB (Sussex)
May 13, 2013:  Central NB (location to be determined)
May 21, 2013:  Maine (location to be determined)

Current need:  21 truck contractors, 32 truck drivers, 11 harvesting contractors, 1 off-highway self loader, and 27 harvesting operators, as follows:

Southern NB:  This year we will need 7 more truck contractors and 10 more drivers in the Fredericton/Saint John areas.
Central NB:  We will add 6 new contractors to operate self-loading trucks.
Northern NB:  We are currently looking for 8 new contractors and approximately 10 – 12 drivers.
Maine:  We need 4 chip van drivers and 1 off-highway self loader

Maine:  We need 1 steep slope harvester and 1 chipper
New Brunswick (all regions):  We need 10 new contractors and 26 new operators.