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Congratulations EMBA Graduates


Congratulations to the Sobey Executive MBA graduates of 2016! J.D. Irving, Limited sponsored seven employees pursuing their EMBA while growing their career with JDI.


Congratulations on your perseverance and hard work:

Curtis Doiron, JDI Logistics
Aaron Keating, NBM Railways
Nicolas MacGougan, JDI Woodlands
Luke Mackenzie, Kent Building Supplies
Ian McCabe, JDI Sawmills
Daniel Power, JDI Logistics
Jeffery Snow, Kent Building Supplies 

 Congratulations to the Sobey EMBA class of 2016. JDI's seven graduates pictured above.

“The Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary's University shares, and celebrates, the commitment that J.D. Irving, Limited makes to the ongoing professional development of their high potential managers and emerging leaders,” said Patricia Bradshaw, Dean of the Sobey School of Business. “We want to sincerely congratulate the recent graduates of the EMBA program and we have so appreciated having them as part of our learning community.” 

One of these emerging leaders is Aaron Keating. Two years into his career with JDI, University of New Brunswick business grad Aaron Keating decided to take another step in his education. “JDI supported my decision to pursue my Executive MBA. Now, four years into my career, it’s been an excellent adventure thus far. I feel like I have so many opportunities to grow and advance within the company.”  

Aaron got his start in JDI as part of the Careers in Motion Leadership Development Program. He’s been impressed by his first-hand experience with the company investing in his development. “For a company to not only invest in their processes but to invest in their people, it really shows how committed this company is to investing in the future and developing talent across the organization.”

“Your education doesn’t end when you sign your letter of offer at JDI,” said Colleen Baxter, Vice President of Human Resources at J.D. Irving, Limited. “We’re proud to support our employees through a variety of internal and external professional development courses. If we want to have a growing, vibrant company, we have to invest in the people the same way we invest in our operations, ensuring suitability for the future. The wealth of educational opportunities to grow your career at JDI are a vital way we recruit and retain exceptional talent.” 

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