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Congratulations to the 2019 Recipients of J.D. Irving, Limited Employee Child Scholarships!


J.D. Irving, Limited is excited to announce this year’s recipients of the J.D. Irving, Limited Employee Child Scholarships! Each year, the company awards scholarships to students pursuing post-secondary education whose parents are our valued employees.  In 2019, with all divisions offering continued scholarship programs,  J.D. Irving has supported its employees and their children with over $100,000 in funding to 115 deserving students, attending over 34 post-secondary institutions. 

Not only are the students’ parents valued members of the J.D. Irving workforce but, many of the recipients have or are working for the company as well. Some of the students who were awarded scholarships have been summer or co-op students, working in a variety of our businesses. All students awarded the scholarship will be entering or returning to full-time studies at a university, community college, or training institution in the upcoming academic year.  

"This program have been ongoing tradition for decades.  It is an opportunity for the company to support our employees and help develop the skill and potential of the next generation of talented young people who we are committed to keeping at home in New Brunswick," said Colleen Baxter, Vice President of Human Resources.

With 2,500+ student roles to fill in the next three years it is a wonderful opportunity to have met countless impressive students who will be pursuing their post-secondary education with the help of JDI.   We are excited to see the potential of these inspiring students. 

Below are the names of all the students who received scholarships from all J.D. Irving, Limited divisions.

Construction and Equipment Division 

Name  Company/Location
Madelaine McIntyre Irving Equipment
Angela Carter Irving Equipment
Sara Vincent Gulf Operators
Adrien Beaman Irving Wallboard


 Angela Carter
 Angela Carter 


Irving Shipbuilding  

Name  Company/ Location
Mitchell Hartigan Irving Shipbuilding Inc. 
Anna Campbell Irving Shipbuilding Inc.
Dylan Charlton Irving Shipbuilding Inc.
Mairi Carver Irving Shipbuilding Inc.


 Mitch Hartigan
 Mitch Hartigan



Sawmill and Woodlands Divisions

Name  Company/Location
Albert-Bélanger, Sarah Baker Brook
Yates, Kayla  CNB Woodlands
Brown, Matthew CNB Woodlands
Pellerin, Nick CNB Woodlands
McPherson, Dillon Dixfield Sawmill
Ellis, Cordell Dixfield Sawmill
Benson, Tamra Dixfield Sawmill
Brown, Gus W Dixfield Sawmill
Campbell, Emily Doaktown Sawmill
Munn, Deven  Doaktown Sawmill
Mountan, Griffin Grand Lake Timber
Albert, Edyn Grand Lake Timber
Stilwell, Tyson Grand Lake Timber
Fillion, Kristen Grand Lake Timber
Copeland, Cetera Grand Lake Timber
Coleman, Grace Grand Lake Timber
Mountan, Olivia Grand Lake Timber
Guislain, Bradley Grand Lake Timber
Fillion, Claudia Grand Lake Timber
Tabor, Anik Irving Woodlands, LLC
Coffin, Bryce Irving Woodlands, LLC
Dube, Meagan Irving Woodlands, LLC
Hanson, Emily Juniper Tree Nursery
Ellis, Brendan  Juniper Tree Nursery
Maltais-Thibault, Audrée Kedgwick
Lapointe, Joey Kedgwick
Sherry, Mykaela NS Woodlands
Poirier, Aurelie Nurseries - Fredericton
McNulty, Grace Sawmill Head Office 
Chiasson, Dylan Sawmill Head Office 
Raven, Brandon Southern NB Woodlands
Ritchie, Hannah Southern NB Woodlands
Lewis, Delaney Sussex Sawmill
Moss, Bennett Sussex Sawmill
Fullerton, Mackenzie Truro Sawmill
Pepper, Caitlin Truro Sawmill
Michaud, Émilie Veneer
Haché, Joanie Veneer
Duguay, Véronik Veneer
Jalbert, Dominic Veneer
Lebel, Sébastien Woodlands BB
Caron, Jaimie Woodlands BB
Neveu, Zoé Woodlands BB


 Sawmills and Woodlands Scholarship Winners - Head Office
 Sawmills and Woodlands Scholarship Winners - Head Office



Pulp and Paper Division 

Name Company/Location
Alex Grenier Irving Paper
Ethan Marshall Irving Paper
Evan Almon Lake Utopia Paper 
Ryan Cameron Irving Pulp & Paper
Madeline Parlee Irving Pulp & Paper
Rebecca Faulkner Irving Forest Services 
Zachary Woodill Irving Pulp & Paper
Jillian Downey Irving Paper


 PPD Scholarship Winners
 Pulp & Paper Division Scholarship Winners


Corporate Services


Name  Company/Location
Patric Harrigan Irving Air
Nicholas Ellingwood JDI IT
Katie Arisz Corporate Services
Emily Garrett Corporate Services
Sophia Gallagher JDI IT
Isaac Gallagher JDI IT
Ellie Chartrain-Lawton JDI IT


 Irving Business Services Employee Child Scholarship Recipients
 Irving Business Services Employee Child Scholarship Recipients


Transportation and Logistics Division 

Name  Company/Location
Leah Sterling  RST Sunbury
Abby Hutchings  RST Sunbury
Jillian Guitard  RST Sunbury
Amatul Safa RST Sunbury
Matthew Landry  Atlantic Towing
Jillian MacPhee Atlantic Towing
Claudia Kilfoy Atlantic Towing
Justin Fitzgerald  New Brunswick Southern Railway 
Elizabeth Mercer Universal Truck and Trailer 
Tara MacKinnon Universal Truck and Trailer


 Amatul Safa
 Amatul Safa



Kent Building Supplies 

Name  Company/Location
Evan Couturier   Kent Building Supplies
Courtney Guy Kent Building Supplies
Lauren Lowther Kent Building Supplies 
Michael MacKinnon Kent Building Supplies
Jany Page Kent Building Supplies


 Lauren Lowther
 Lauren Lowther



J.D. Irving Limited Moncton

Name  Company/Location
Brianna Rietzel J.D. Irving Limited, Moncton, NB
Alex Walker J.D. Irving Limited, Moncton, NB
Andrew Young J.D. Irving Limited, Moncton, NB


 JDI Moncton Scholarship


Cavendish Farms

Name  Company/Location
Kirsten Sheridan Cavendish Farms, Toronto, ON
Carlee Ann Moser Cavendish Farms, Jamestown, ND
Mackenzie Johnson Cavendish Farms, Jamestown, ND
Abby Christopher Cavendish Farms, New Annan, PE
Carly MacKenzie Cavendish Farms, New Annan, PE
Sean Gonzales Cavendish Farms, New Annan, PE


 Cavendish Farms Scholarship


Irving Consumer Products

Name  Company/Location
Alyssa Mills Irving Consumer Products, Moncton, NB
Abby Buchanan Irving Consumer Products, Moncton, NB
Meaghan Flinn Irving Consumer Products, Saint John, NB
Meredith Hicks Irving Consumer Products, Sackville, NB
Lauriane Désautels Irving Consumer Products, Saint-Félicien, QC
Mackenzie Hiscock Irving Consumer Products, St. John’s, NL
Ariana House Irving Consumer Products, Bowmanville, ON
Smit Patel Irving Consumer Products, Brampton, ON
Kaitlyn Box Irving Consumer Products, Pea Ridge, AR
Nicholas Brennan Irving Consumer Products, South Glen Falls, NY
Ryley Carpenter Irving Consumer Products, Gansvoort, NY
Zack Smatko Irving Consumer Products, Fort Edward, NY


 ICP Scholarship




Name  Company/Location
Karanveer Cheema Midland, Moncton, NB
Mackenzie Roberts Midland, Grand Falls, NB
Mackenzie Hiscock Midland, St. John’s, NL
Kaitlyn D’Souza Midland, Toronto, ON
Shaan Sanghera Midland, Toronto, ON
Lawrence MacPherson Midland, Moncton, NB
Sophie Haineault Midland, Moncton, NB
Gabrielle Daigle Midland, Moncton, NB
Baden Beckles Midland, Toronto, ON
Rachelle Caissie Midland, Moncton, NB


 Midland Scholarship