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Continuous Learning at JDI




A scholarship from J.D. Irving, Limited helped Chris Clark of the Kingston Peninsula, New Brunswick, pay for tuition while studying power engineering at the New Brunswick Community College. After two work terms with JDI, Chris started his career at Irving Pulp and Paper.

Chris’ education did not end when he entered the workforce. Chris recently completed the Ivey School of Business Leadership Fundamentals program. He’s one of over 760 J.D. Irving, Limited employees to who have participated in professional development courses during the first half of 2016. 

  Chris Clark
Chris Clark is a Department Superintendent at Irving Pulp and Paper. The NBCC graduate is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Applied Management from the University of New Brunswick, supported by the company. 


“I’ve been given tremendous leadership opportunities, even from the beginning of my career. The sky is the limit when it comes to professional development,” said Chris. “I obtained my first class ticket in power engineering with the support of JDI. Now, eight years into my career, I feel so lucky: I go to a challenging job I love every day.” Chris expressed thanks to JDI for continuing his formal education as he attends evening classes at University of New Brunswick. “I get to expand my knowledge in the evenings as I pursue my Bachelor of Applied Management at UNB, completely supported by the company."

At the Ivey School of Business Leadership Development Course, held in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, employees from across the diverse company operations have the opportunity to learn from seasoned professors such as Dr. Fernando Olivera, associate professor of Organizational Behaviour and Leadership.

Dr. Fernando Olivera has instructed JDI employees since 2004. He’s seen over ten years of continuous investment in leadership development within JDI. “J.D. Irving demonstrates a commitment to talent development. It shows a culture that doesn’t just say it cares about people but actually acts in ways that demonstrate it. I’ve instructed JDI employees since 2004 in Executive MBA courses, leadership foundations, and coaching courses and it really is a major investment in people.”   

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