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Cool Jobs at Irving Shipbuilding

Jono McLoughlin - Accuracy Control Technician, Irving Shipbuilding

Halifax: When Jono McLaughlin first heard about the Irving Shipbuilding contract to build the next generation of ships for the Canadian Navy, he didn’t think he would be involved. But today he is part of the Accuracy Control team at Irving Shipbuilding. His team is a vital part of quality assurance and helps regulate the accuracy of the entire shipbuilding process by analyzing data at every stage of construction.

Watch Jono’s story about his cool job at Irving Shipbuilding on YouTube or Vimeo.

  Jono McLoughlin
 Jono McLoughlin, Accuracy Control Technician, Irving Shipbuilding

A graduate of Science and Environmental Studies at Acadia University (2004), Jono went on to Nova Scotia Community College to obtain an Advanced Diploma in Marine Geometrics (2008). He worked in the offshore for 6 years, and then landed a job with CFM, a contractor for Irving Shipbuilding.   

“I’ve always had an interest in ships. I worked on ships for quite a few years and I have a survey background, so once I was with Fleetway, I just sort of followed the path right into this job at Irving Shipbuilding.” said Jono McLoughlin, Accuracy Control Technician, Irving Shipbuilding. “I like the technical aspect of it, and we have the best tools and technology. It’s the overall challenge - you’ve got to be exact, you have to be precise. It’s about delivering our very best to the customer.” 

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