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Cottage Living with a Modular Twist. Kent Homes launches 2017 Dream Builder Cottages


Kent Homes has recently released a new series of cottages. The 2017 Dream Builder Cottage Series is a line of homes targeting a customer that is looking for an economical cottage option. The release comes in response to a market searching for a getaway for themselves or family - but with only two weeks of vacation a year, they don't really want to spend the next few years building it!

"Modular seems like an obvious choice" says Jessie-Lee Lomax, Kent Homes Marketing Coordinator. "With these seven models, we really tasked the team to look at costs savings and simplicity in design. We wanted open spaces and lots of sleeping room for extended families and friends to congregate."

Cottage options include The Piper, for families, The Chickadee, for the Tiny Home enthusiast, The Tide, for a cottage with a modern twist, and four additional models that all promise natural lighting, simple roof lines, and the perfect space for cottage living.

You can view the Dream Builder cottages, as well as other Kent Homes, here.

Although these cottages are beautiful on their own, they can also be used as a jumping off point for a custom design, as you can with any of Kent Homes' home plans.

This project was led by Laura Maillet, Contract Specialist, at Kent Homes. "The cottage series was designed in response to two very dissimilar market demands. One, primarily among millennials, to reduce their global footprint and embrace a lifestyle less centered within the home. Minimalist design principals and bringing the outside into the home are important to this group of new homeowners," says Laura. "The other was people looking for vacation homes. Often, these are people who have moved away but still consider the east coast home and want a place here. From the tiny Chickadee on up, the Dream Builder Series cottages are all designed to work as a get-away or a full-time home."

 Kent Homes Cottage Team

Sam Forestell, a recent UNB Fredericton Civil Engineering graduate currently working on a Project Engineering certification at Kent Homes, was part of the design team for this series launch. "It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about house design. The small spaces provided an exciting design challenge. I very much enjoyed the whole experience and am excited to see them launched," Samuel comments about the whole experience. 

 Forestell Sam
Sam Forestell, Kent Homes Project Engineer in Training 

Visit  for more information on these cottages and Kent Homes product offerings.