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Doaktown Sawmill Helping Local Community Garden


In 2012 the Doaktown Community Garden Club opened in Doaktown, with seven raised beds and several ground plots for their 10 members to use. Fast forward to today, and there are now 30 raised garden beds and 24 ground gardens and nearly 20 people are using the garden to grow their fruits and veggies. This year, the raised garden beds started to show sign of weathering and replacing the lumber was deemed necessary.

 Doaktown Garden


Brenda Munn, coordinator for the Garden reached out to J.D. Irving, Limited's (JDI) Doaktown Sawmill looking for lumber to help maintain the raised garden beds. Site Manager, Norm Grantley quickly agreed to help and delivered lumber down to the garden. Community gardens are an important part of any community, but in the current situation, they helping to motivate individuals to get out as well as supplementing grocery bills.

"We are extremely happy to support the Doaktown Community garden with this donation of Eastern White Pine lumber. This lumber was made with pride here in Doaktown, and will now be a part of a tremendous community effort that will help provide healthy food to many families. Great job to all those involved!" said Norm Grantley, Site Manager at Doaktown Sawmill.

Juniper Farms, an affiliate of JDI, will be providing cedar mulch to go in between the raised beds. Mulch helps control the weeds as well as hold in moisture for the whole area.

"The donation of lumber means everything to us. We're a volunteer, self-sufficient organization. We thrive only because of the generous donations we receive from local businesses. The lumber is greatly needed for the upkeep & maintenance of the aged, deteriorating raised garden beds," said Brenda Munn, Cooordinator for the Garden.

Learn more about the Doaktown Community Garden on their Facebook Page