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Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) Conducts Atlantic Rail Emergency Training Exercise


Emergency Response Assistance Canada, with the help of RST, conducted a rail emergency exercise today as part of ongoing responder training in the event of an incident involving railcars or trucks carrying flammable liquids or gas.

ERAC Response Teams, Technical advisors and Remedial Measures Advisors from across Atlantic Canada participated in this full-scale, hands-on exercise involving two one flammable liquid transfers and one LPG transfer from railcar to railcar, and one LPG transfer from railcar to truck.

“Although they are extremely rare, rail incidents involving flammable liquids and gases can happen at any time and any place. If they do, Emergency Response Assistance Canada is capable of responding with highly-trained and experienced responders,” said Spencer Buckland, ERAC President. “Activities like today’s controlled transfer exercises provide our responders with critical experience to ensure they are ready to act if an incident occurs.” 

Emergency Response Assistance Canada also welcomed plan participant members as well as representatives from Transport Canada and local fire halls first responders to observe the training.

“CFM is pleased to join the ERAC exercise. Drones are increasingly becoming a vital source of visuals and information for emergency responders. We have been working with multiple organizations and agencies regarding the value of drone use in effective emergency response,” said Nick Valcour, General Manager of CFM

“We are very pleased that ERAC is hosting this year’s emergency response exercise in Saint John. Exercises like this bring all responders and technical experts together to ensure the right people are deployed at the right time to safeguard the local citizens and the environment. This event has provided valuable collaboration and team learning for all involved.,” Andrew Fisher, General Manager RST-Sunbury.

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Media Contacts:
Carla Kautz, Communications and Marketing Advisor, ERAC, 587-349-5881, 
Onsite Contact June 15th: Spencer Buckland President, ERAC, 403-815-2571
Mary Keith, VP Communication, J.D. Irving Limited, 506-632-512,

About Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC):
Emergency Response Assistance Canada (ERAC) is a not-for-profit emergency preparedness and response organization. Experts in designing emergency response assistance plans (ERAPs), ERAC is instrumental in assisting hundreds of oil, gas and transportation organizations. From coast to coast ERAC provides highly trained and skilled responders, equipment and industry best practices for road or rail incidents involving flammable gases and liquids. ERAC is a subsidiary of the Canadian Propane Association (CPA). 

About RST
RST’s decades of experience in the safe handling of petroleum products and hazardous materials led to the development of our Emergency Response Services division over 30 years ago. Working side by side with emergency response organizations, government agencies, first responders and customers, RST offers a full array of services that can be deployed quickly and efficiently throughout Atlantic Canada. RST also offers extensive emergency response training to many customers and is recognized for having the most prepared Emergency Response Team in the region.