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Investing in Futures: Applauding the Achievements of our Employee Child Scholarship Recipients

J.D. Irving, Limited is pleased to announce this year's recipients of the J.D. Irving, Limited Employee Child Scholarships. 

The program was established to support the educational aspirations of the children of dedicated J.D. Irving, Limited employees and has awarded scholarships this year to 165 outstanding individuals. 

Selected from a pool of highly qualified candidates, these scholarship recipients have demonstrated exemplary academic achievement, leadership and a commitment to their communities. These students are either entering or returning to post-secondary institutions full-time this September. Recipients represent 50 universities, colleges and training institutions across Canada and the U.S.

J.D. Irving, Limited is proud to invest in the students and provide them with contributions towards their education. This year, $165,000 will be invested in the program.

"We have proudly been supporting the employee child scholarship program for many years. We have outstanding employees and finding ways to invest in the education of their children continues to be important to us," says Linda Speedy, Vice President of Human Resources. 

J.D. Irving, Limited would like to wish a happy and healthy school year to all students and faculty returning to campus this fall. 

Below are the names of all the students who received scholarships from all J.D. Irving, Limited divisions.

J.D. Irving, Limited (Saint John Corporate Division)

 Carter Reid

Cole Fraser

Emma LeBlanc

Isaac Griffin

Jordan Garfield

Kayleigh Robson

Lara Munro

Lily Glazier

Lily Turnbull

Maddox McAllister

Meagan Whittier

J.D. Irving, Limited (Moncton Corporate Division)

Kelsey Rietzel

Ethan Walter Greffard

Noah Lafferty

Pulp & Paper Division

 Brady Patten

Emma Hourihan

John Morgan

Mackenzie Warman

Morgan Shuve

Nahum Goodfellow

Rochelle Estabrooks

Retail Division

Essa Hashem

Isaac Hughes

Jeffrey Ferguson

Katelyn Lear

Maggie Mullins

Megan Grimes

Raen O’Brien

Rosemary Martin


Construction & Equipment Division

 Rachel Smith

Mick Burke

Jordan Martin

Mary Deschenes


Woodlands Division

 Adam Limongelli

Andrew  Thibodeau

Angela Carpenter

Anna Rust

Audrey Dubé

Barbara  Carpenter

Benjamin Young

Brielle Parisé

Brooke Winters

Caleb Abernethy

Ella Abernethy

Ethan Sawler

Felix Cyr

Gabriel Fortin

Grace Henry

Grondin Marc Antoine

Hailee Cunningham

Hunter  Larlee

James McCabe

Jared Thebeau

Jillian Rust

Joanie Thibodeau

Kamille Terras

Leigh Tabor

Madison Prest

Marie-Hélène Lebel

Matthew Ritchie

Michael Gilmore

Morgan Cyr

Noah Cyr

Siobhan Hourihan

Vanessa Thomsen

William Young

Transportation & Logistics Division

 Abbey Hutchings

Abigail Masini

Alexandra Mouchikhine

Brie Wilson

Brooke Young

Dominique Doucet

Evan Johnston

Helena Ashley Cruz

Joannie Fournier

Keely Matheson

Kendall MacKenzie

Kiley Mullin

Morgan Bechamp

Nghi La

Roman Stikhin

Ty Dalling


Sawmills Division

 Alex Beek

Alexi  Caron

Alivia Ellis-Plante

Andrée Thébeau

Ariane Levesque

Brady Chatterton

Breton Lambert

Brett Goodwin

Cassandra Smyth

Colby Mercer

Cole Brown

Delaney Bouchard

Deryk Collins

Destiny Urdsick

Ella Byrne

Ember Warren

Emilie Thériault

Gabriel Poirier

Gabrielle Arsenault

Gabrielle Thériault

Guillaume Landry

Jade O’Toole

Jennifer Gagné

Jolaine Cyr

Jonathan Roy

Julie-Pier Desjardins

Justin Maltais Thibault

Kaitlyn (Kate) Johnston

Kaylee Thibodeau

Lene Grimm

Madison Best

Mae Ward

Marilou Dube

Maude Ringuette

Maxime St-Amand

Maxime Michaud

Meggy Gisèle Charest

Melodie St-Amand

Miguel Deschenes

Mylène Levesque

Nicolas Arsenault

Olivier Poirier

Owen Lewis

Scott Smyth

Sydney Philbrook

Tyler Foley-MacKenzie

Zachary Hache

Irving Shipbuilding

Allison White

Chris Camaso

Deidre Folliet

Giovanna Stevaux

Jana Murphy

Jena Dyer

Marie Anthony-Watts

Sofia Allen


Irving Consumer Products

 Connor Leslie

Nick St. Pierre

Taylor Savary

Rebecca Mills

Jeff Lutz

Jessica Lutz

Matthew Papadimitriou

Peter Lamanna

Carson Strainer

Cole Freebern

Elizabeth Rousey

Kayden Craft

Graeson Rumble

Irving Personal Care 

Emilie Breau

Cavendish Farms

Amanda Dang

Ashlyn Meisner

Kemper Pearson

Trina Pham

Maleah Welton

Nia Wood


Mehak Kaur Sandhu

Robbie Churchill

Robert Mitchel White


Nicholas Soulliere

Emily Victoria Costain

Bereket Cunnison

Marcus Mulholland