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Enjoy the woods in winter

It may be winter in New Brunswick, but that doesn't mean your outdoor adventures have to wait until spring!

J.D. Irving, Limited is proud to list over 2,000 sites in its voluntary, award-winning conservation program, many of which are open to the public. Gather your friends and family and check out some of these locations which are best visited in the winter season.

Parlee Brook Amphitheatre

This amazing geological formation takes shape from a flat plateau dropping straight down into a deep gorge (150 metres) to the brook below. Because the gorge is shaped like the letter "U", even the most subtle noises can be heard echoing off the rock walls throughout the structure. During the winter, trained climbers tackle the ice wall that forms. These walls are so deep and sheltered from the sun, that snow often stays until late June. 

Located in Sussex Parish, this is a moderate hike on a well-beaten trail through the snow.

Parlee Brook 2.jpg


J.D. Irving, Limited works closely with local snowmobile associations across New Brunswick, Maine and Nova Scotia to provide over 1,300 kilometres of trails for public use. This is a great opportunity for tourists and locals alike. 

Visit Snow Mobile NBMaine Snow Mobile Association, or Snow Mobilers NS to view trails, buy permits and more.  


Tracey Falls

Located only 60 metres from an ATV trail in Willow Grove, southern New Brunswick, this 40-foot waterfall is a sight to behold in winter. This flagged trail is an easy 1.8 kilometre out-and-back trail, and is perfect if you have children who want to experience a winter waterfall without a moderate hike.

Tracey Falls Winter.jpg

 However you choose to explore the outdoors this winter, we encourage you to do so safely, pay attention to weather alerts and leave nothing but footprints behind.