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Environmental Protection Agency Honours Sunbury with Smartway Excellence Award

Sunbury Transport is proud to be recognized as a leader in environmental performance.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded the company with the SmartWay Excellence Award, which recognizes organizations that advance technology and operations while reducing freight emissions. Only 11 of Smartway’s 3000 partners received this award, making Sunbury rank in the top one percent for superior environmental focus.

Scott Gillis, General Manager for Sunbury Transport, credits the company’s drivers with the award. “This award belongs to Sunbury’s drivers, brokers and front line fleet managers. It’s their hard work, dedication, and rigor that set Sunbury apart for the environment and for our customers.”

Gillis says a commitment to the environment is an integrated part of the culture at Sunbury. Efforts to use less fuel and reduce emissions have been diverse.  Since 2004, Sunbury has equipped tractors with EPA EGR engines, skirts, and fairings; launched light commercial vehicles; and provided education for drivers on idle reduction and fuel-efficient driving, among other initiatives.

Chis Grundler, Director for EPA’s Office of Transportation and Air Quality, expressed the organization’s gratitude to SmartWay carriers for a decade of progress in cutting carbon pollution and other air pollutants. "They have reduced thousands of tons of dangerous pollutants and raised the bar on a sustainable transportation future, all while saving money in fuel costs.”

Wayne Power, Vice President of Transportation and Logistics appreciated the recognition. “Our goal is to lower the carbon footprint of our customers’ supply chain and to continuously look for innovative solutions and cleaner technology that reduces cost and improves service. We are honoured to receive this recognition for our efforts from the EPA.”

Paul Theriault, Sunbury driver; Mark Molyneaux, Sunbury Director of Operations for Van and Maritime Short Haul Divisions; and Scott Gillis, Sunbury General Manager stand with the SmartWay Excellence Award from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.