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Father's Day 2021: Celebrating the Dads of JDI


Father’s Day is an important day to celebrate the fathers and fatherly figures in our lives, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge all of the amazing dads we have across our businesses.

Mark and Eric von Richter

'Like father, like son' describes the von Richter duo perfectly. Mark and Eric von Richter both work in the Financial Accounting and Reporting group in Saint John, New Brunswick. Mark has been working for J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) for 34 years and has held several different roles within the company. Currently, he is the Controller for the Pulp & Paper Division. Eric has followed in his father’s footsteps and now is an Accounting Associate for the Transportation Division.

“It’s awesome having Eric here at JDI,” says Mark. “It’s a great, supportive place for him to develop his skills and grow his career, hopefully having a long, enjoyable career with JDI - as I have.”

Although the pair do not work directly together, they still find the time to have the occasional lunch and spend time together. “I get a chance to stop and talk with him every day, which is not something most people can say.” says Eric.

To celebrate Father’s Day, the duo spend quality time together and have supper with their extended family.

The Morgan Family 

Engineering is a family affair for the Morgan family. Brian Morgan, E&I Maintenance Superintendent at Irving Paper, has been working at JDI for 27 years. Brian’s positive experience at JDI inspired his children, Emily and Ben to join the JDI team. Emily is an Associate Quality Engineer at Lake Utopia Paper and Ben is an Electrical Engineering Student at Irving Pulp and Paper.

“JDI is a great company to work for, I am proud of my kids and their accomplishments, and I am glad that I get to work with them at JDI.” says Brian.  

Emily and Ben admire their dad for always being so hardworking, having the ability to see all sides of situations and his sense of humor. “He’s the best and inspired me to be an engineer!” says Emily.

For Father’s Day, they like to spend the day together at their family cottage.

The Marino Family 

Dan Marino, Director of Finance for the Transportation and Logistics Division, is pleased to see two of his sons join the JDI team. Ryan works as a Junior Engineer with the Construction and Equipment Division and Jonathan is an Engineering Student with Irving Equipment.

Both Ryan and Jonathan admire their father’s hardworking attitude and his ability to lead by example. “He has always been a hard worker and is successful in his career because of it,” says Ryan. “I have taken these lessons to heart in sports, school, and work and they continue to pay off as I start to develop my own career.”

When asked about their Father’s Day traditions, Ryan said “often times we go golfing and we let Dad win.”

Pierre and Samuel Gallant 

Pierre and Samuel Gallant both work at Irving Tissue plant in Dieppe, NB. What makes this father and son duo even more special is they work in the same position as Machine Operators!

When speaking about his father, Samuel says “He is a great dad and shaped me into the man I am today. I admire his ambition, his drive and his work ethic.”

To celebrate Father’s Day, they get together with their family and have a great supper.

Steve and Brooke DiPaolo 

Steve DiPaolo, Loyalty and Contractor Marketing Manager has been working for KENT for 14 years. Recently, his daughter Brooke DiPaolo has joined KENT as a Cashier at the KENT in Rothesay, NB.

Brooke enjoys working in the same company as her father because when she talks with him about her shift, he understands the situations and products she is talking about.

To celebrate Father’s Day, they usually have a backyard barbecue and campfire.

Marco and Marc-Oliver Lebel 

Marco Lebel, Contractor Sales at the KENT Edmundston, NB has been with KENT for the last 2 years. His son, Marc-Oliver Lebel, joined the KENT Edmundston team a month ago as a Garden Centre Associate.

They like being able to work and share experiences together as it has made their father and son bond even stronger.

Marco-Oliver enjoys his father’s optimistic lifestyle. He says the famous lyrics “don’t worry, be happy” represents his father’s mindset perfectly.

They celebrate Father’s Day by spending time together, however the day doesn’t carry more importance than others.  

“In my eyes we celebrate every day,” Marc-Oliver says.

Gerard and Tanner Nash 

Gerard Nash, Contractor Sales at the KENT Miramichi, NB has been working for KENT since 2015. Last year, his son, Tanner Nash joined the KENT Miramichi team as a Yard Associate.

Tanner admires his father’s wisdom greatly. When working together, Tanner has been able to leverage Gerard’s experience and wisdom to support him.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, they had a Father’s Day tradition to go to the movie theatres together.

Jeff and Oliver Ouellet 

Jeff Ouellet, Store Manager at the KENT Edmundston, NB has been with KENT for 27 years. He welcomed his son, Oliver Ouellet, to the KENT team a year ago as a Cashier and Garden Associate.

Oliver has always admired his father’s versatility and his leadership style as he is always taking care of everyone around him.

They celebrate Father’s Day with a delicious dinner accompanied by the whole family.

Kenny and Jack Aitken

Kenny Aitken, Project Center, Plumbing and Paint Associate at the KENT Montague, Prince Edward Island has worked at KENT for 26 years. A couple months ago, his son, Jack Aitken, joined the same store as a Paint Associate.

What Jack most admires about his dad is his ability to come up with creative solutions to get the customers what they need.

“He always has the answer,” Jack says.

They celebrate Father’s Day by relaxing and spending some quality time together.

Roy and Jeremy Dwyer 

Roy Dwyer, Kitchen Associate at the KENT Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador joined the company ten months ago. Jeremy Dwyer followed his father’s path and has joined the same store two months ago as an Electrical Associate.

“It is nice to work together and be able to connect with each other on a different level,” says Roy.

They celebrate Father’s Day each year, by having a barbecue or going out for dinner.

From all of us at JDI, Happy Father’s Day!