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Field Trips to Bald Hill Quarry


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Learning About Geology in Our Backyard

Saint John: Gulf Operators is pleased to host field trips to the Bald Hill Quarry for children from local schools in the Saint John and surrounding area. Six classes from schools in the area visited the quarry this year to learn about our operations and the importance of aggregate rock. Over 400 children have attended the quarry since the tours began in 2006. 

The Bald Hill Granite Quarry, located on the west side of Saint John, produces a full range of specialty crushed-rock products for the regional economy.

Field trips to the Bald Hill Quarry begin in the classroom where students are shown a video overview of Gulf Operators and given a lesson on geology in addition to a safety talk. They are able to hold different types of rock samples and are encouraged to ask questions. Students are then outfitted with the required safety gear; hardhats, protective eyewear, and reflective vests, before being given a tour of the quarry itself.

Aboard the bus, children are able to actually see the things they’ve learned in the classroom and experience rock-crushing in action. To finish off the tour, students are given the opportunity to climb into a loader to get a sense of the quarry from the operator’s perspective.  

“A lot of them are quick to pick up on the fact that the roads they drive on, the concrete they walk on, and the playground stone they play on are all made from aggregate,” said Matthew Kingston, Project Manager, Gulf Operators. “We hope that the kids are able to learn the importance of aggregate in everyday society and that it is an important ingredient in the construction industry.”

This hands-on learning experience teaches children the importance of aggregate rock and how it is used in many aspects of our lives, from buildings… to toothpaste!

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