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Five Reasons To Check Out Our New Woodlands Website

Irving Woodlands has a new website (! Here are five great reasons to explore the new site:

 WDL Website Small


1. Caring for Forests for Over a Century
Our team has proudly cared for forests for over a century. Every year we are growing more wood than we harvest. We invest in continuous improvement, research and sustainability. Learn about our Healthy Forest Approach and discover more about our heritage

2. Voluntary Conservation
Over 1300 sites and counting - from rare plants to birds, historic sites and mammal habitat - learn more about our Unique Areas program.

3. Economic Impact Map
What does our economic impact look like? It’s over $890 Million in local purchases from over 3,000 suppliers across the regions where we live and work. See it laid out on this map

4. Research & Discovery
We're working with a number of universities and environmental groups to better understand ecosystems, climate change and the impact of our forestry operations. Learn about the researchers, their work and some of their discoveries.

5. See the Forestry Value Chain, From Seed To Shelf, With Careers at Every Stage
We are using 100% of every tree we harvest. Let us show you how via video and images. There are career opportunities at every step in the value chain. Explore careers in forestry, find out more about our culture and apply.