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Forest Fire Training - A Team Effort to Protect Communities


It has been a very active forest fire season in New Brunswick with the fire risk at extreme levels. This is related to a hot dry summer, and global climate change. 

Together, a team of 50 people from the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development (DNRED), Forest Protection Limited and Irving Woodlands came together for a day long event focused of fighting forest fires during one of the most challenging summers on record.The focus of the training was on the use of water bombers and ground support from the team.

 Forest Fire 1


"The whole goal is to learn and support one another on safely getting to the fires faster - get more precise on our fire bomber to protect communities and New Brunswick’s Forests. It really allowed us to work closer as a team and celebrate some of the wins we have already had,” says Jason Killam, Chief Forester with Irving Woodlands.

 Forest Fire 2
 Aircraft releases water on an area in effort to get more precise on their bomber.


From 2010 to 2019, we had 204 fires which caused 248.7 hectares to burn. This year alone, we have seen 358 fires which is almost 2X more than the 10 year average, and have had 1,299 hectares burn, over 5X the area burned from 2010 - 2019. 

We continue to collaborate effectively as a team to ensure our forests remain healthy. Please use considerable caution as you enjoy the woods this summer. 

 Forest Fire 3


Learn more about how we manage forest fires here: