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From Co-Op to Career - Hannah Sears


Growing up in Sussex, Hannah Sears was familiar with JDI's Sussex Sawmill and in 2016 she stepped inside for the first time while on a co-op with her high school. After graduating in 2017, she took the first opportunity she had to join the team. Three years later, she now works as an Operator inside the mill, running everything from the debarker to the trimmer. 

 Hannah Sears


"Debarker 1 is my favourite part of the job. You get to spend time outside in the cab, can hear everything that's going on and watch what's going on in the yard," said Sears. Debarkers remove the bark and dirt from the logs before they're cut into lumber.

 Hannah Sears 2


"I've lucked out with our crew. We look out for one another and if I call for help, there's always someone there. We all get along great and are always laughing. After a shift you're tired, but you've had a great time!"

If you're interested in joining Hannah and the 110 employees at the Sussex Sawmill, check out our opportunities here.