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From College to Full-Time Job - JDI is Proud to Welcome our New Employees


Congratulations to our newly graduated J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) employees!  We are excited to have graduates from the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) and the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) join our growing team as full-time employees. Over 2,300 NBCC and NSCC graduates work across our operations.

 Hired before Graduation College - 2019


Meet our Newly Graduated Employees!

Dawson Borthwick from Back Bay, New Brunswick was offered a full-time position at Lake Utopia Paper as an Electrical and Instrumentation Tradesperson. He has recently graduated from the Industrial Controls program at NBCC. Dawson completed two work terms with the Pulp & Paper Division prior to being offered full-time employment.

"The feeling of being offered a job with JDI before graduation was incredible. Knowing that when you walk across the stage at graduation you are walking into a job that is in your field of study is amazing."

 Dawson - HBGC - 2019


Ashley McLaughlin from Sussex, New Brunswick was offered a full-time position at Irving Pulp & Paper as Call Crew. She has recently graduated from the Chemical Technician program at NBCC.

"It feels amazing to have secured a job before graduation. It’s very exciting and I can’t wait to start a career with JDI."

 Ashley - HBGC - 2019


Alison Strang from Saint John, New Brunswick was offered a full-time job as a NDT Technician at Custom Fabricators and Machinists (CFM). She has graduated from the Welding Technologist Program at NBCC. Alison completed two work terms with JDI.

"I love the fact that JDI promotes continuous learning and growth for their employees. I did my two week work term my first year of school with CFM, and then worked for the summer of 2018 as a student. I felt very accomplished and proud that I was offered a job before graduation! It showed me that my value as an employee was recognized over the short time I was there. "

 Alison - HBGC - 2019


Jacob Stepaniak from Margaree, Nova Scotia has joined Atlantic Towing (ATL) as a Junior Engineer. He was offered a full-time job after completing work terms with Atlantic Towing.  Jacob has graduated from the Marine Engineering program at NSCC. 

"Over the past 4 years, I have had the pleasure to sail on many different vessels in the ATL fleet - both as cadet and as a Junior Engineer. I also got to meet some really great people along the way. When I got the offer to come on-board full time before graduating that was pretty exciting. It’s a great feeling to finally be a part of the Atlantic Towing team."

 Jacob - HBGC - 2019


Curtis Leger from Moncton, New Brunswick has joined Universal Truck and Trailer. Curtis graduated from the Truck and Transport Division at NBCC.

"I am looking forward to the different types of jobs that are done in the shop - compared to the smaller jobs that I did through my co-op experience.  I'm impressed with the equipment and organization you see at Universal Truck and Trailer. You don't find that at other shops. Being hired before graduation makes it easier to focus on school, and not have to worry about where I will get a job."

You have potential. We have opportunity.   We're hiring 700+ skilled trades over the next 3 years!

Over the next three years, JDI is forecasting 7,500 full time hires as well as over 2,500 student hires across the company's diverse operations in Canada and the U.S. 89% of the jobs are in Atlantic Canada. 

Across the organization, the areas with the highest number of job opportunities include Operations, Shipping, Supply & Logistics, Retail Sales, and Finance.

As we recruit the workforce of the future, we are also working with great partners - local universities and community colleges. We are reaching out with co-op programs, case competitions, scholarships, and career fairs. Are you a new grad looking to start your career? Visit to learn how you can grow with JDI.