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Get to Know Our Summer Students - Tree Care


Dominik Doernenburg is a recent UNB graduate who is spending this summer as a Tree Carer with one of the Central New Brunswick tree planting crews. Dominik is a returning summer student, having been a tree planter for his first two summers with J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI). This year, as Tree Carer, Dominik is responsible for watering the seedlings before they are planted, ensuring all of the planters always have trees and securing trees overnight. 


“The staff is always there to help out, you always feel like you’re part of a crew,” says Dominik. 

The work that Dominik does ensures that the trees being planted are in the best condition and maintain our high standards to grow the future forest. His transporting of trees out to the planters in the block improves productivity from the planters, who will not have to leave the block to load more trees. 

The trees we plant make a tremendous contribution towards the reduction of greenhouse gases. In its lifetime, the average tree will absorb approximately 1 tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2). Over the next 50 years, the woodlands we own or manage will absorb over 92 million tonnes of CO2. That’s equivalent to taking 18 million cars off the road for one year. 

Since 1957, JDI has planted almost 1 billion trees and is celebrating 60 years of tree planting in 2017.

We would like to thank the 110 students involved in the 2017 tree planting operations, like Dominik, for their contribution to growing a sustainable forest for future generations! With the help of the 2017 tree planting crews, the season has planted 16.5 million seedlings this summer.

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