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Girls For a Change: Technovation Girls NB Partnership

Technovation for young women has arrived in New Brunswick and we're pleased to support this great program that is designed to teach young women how to solve real-world problems through technology. The current program involves a class of 30 girls gaining innovative skills in the world of technology.

Technovation is an international educational nonprofit organization that focuses on teaching girls ages 10-18 how to solve local community problems by building an app. Throughout the 12-week program, they learn entrepreneurial, collaboration, and marketing skills. Once completing the program, they will take part in a competition where apps and pitches are submitted and reviewed by industry-based judges.

"As the first branch in Atlantic Canada, we are thrilled to have the support of our major sponsor J.D. Irving, Ltd.," says Neena Gandhi, Club Ambassador for Technovation Girls NB. "Together with our amazing volunteers, we are empowering local girls to embrace developing technology, while learning business savvy and entrepreneurial skills along the way. We are so excited to see what solutions the girls create during the course of the program!".

This sponsorship means growing our commitment to seeing talented women gain experience in our diverse operations. In addition to Technovation Girls NB, we continue to support Techsploration NS, and New Boots to provide more opportunity for women to grow their careers. We look forward to welcoming over 1200 new hires in STEM over the course of the next three years. 

"Technovation is another great local effort to engage and encourage young women to pursue careers in technology," says Linda Speedy, Vice President of Human Resources at J.D. Irving, Limited.  "This builds on our partnerships with New Boots for skilled tradeswomen, Techsploration in Nova Scotia, the STEM Expo led by  UNB students as well as our Pathways to Shipbuilding Program with the Nova Scotia Community College and Women Unlimited.  We’re committed to growing opportunities for women in non-traditional roles and leadership and we’re making steady progress."

As this program grows, Technovation Girls NB is looking for women in Engineering or Information Technology who have a passion for supporting others learn and develop to join the initiative as mentors! 

To learn more about how you can get involved visit or reach out at



Neena Gandhi – Club Ambassador

Technovation Girls NB


Instagram: @technovationgirlsnb

Facebook: Technovation Girls NB