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Gosson Enterprises Ltd. donates prize money from Outstanding Trucking Contractor of the Year award


We are proud to announce that Steve Gosson and Gosson Enterprises Ltd. has been awarded the prestigious peavy in the Canadian Woodlands Forum’s 2021 Outstanding Trucking Contractor of the Year award! Gosson Enterprises Ltd. has been a partner with us for almost 10 years. It is a small business that has a strong focus on safety, communication, and commitment.

This award began with the goal of recognizing the significance of the logging professions’ contribution to woodlands operations. It is every operator’s responsibility to manage the forest resources sustainably and in-line with best practices. Gosson Enterprises Ltd. goes above and beyond.

The award was accompanied by a cash prize of $750. Gosson Enterprises has donated the total cash prize to the Lakewood Headstart, a non-profit food and clothing bank that serves communities east of Saint John. These areas include Lakewood, where Steve Gosson lives and where his company is located, Baxters Corner, St. Martins and surrounding area. Gosson Enterprises had this to say: 

"Any monetary donations received at Lakewood Headstart are put towards buying supplies and/or any maintenance or repairs the building may require. We were fortunate enough to have been provided a tour of their facility this morning when making the donation, and overwhelmed at how organized and efficient everything was. There are no paid employees, it is managed entirely by the many volunteers that have donated countless hours for many years to support this community. Without them, none of this would be possible".

This donation has been matched by the Woodlands team in Sussex, New Brunswick.

Steve grew up in the trucking industry and brings nearly 40 years of experience and ingenuity to his business. Based out of Saint John, New Brunswick, he and his team of eight keep their units running 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to deliver chips consistently to our mills.

Steve has an incredible passion for his trucking business and for supporting his employees and the community around him. The bar he sets for himself and his team is high, and his attention to detail and the open communication of his expectations does not go unnoticed by his crew. What sets Steve apart is his dedication to continual improvement with his employees and his equipment. Throughout his long career in trucking, he has implemented practical changes within his business, and these changes are often adopted by other contractors. 

Congratulations to Steve and his team! Read more on the Canadian Woodlands Forum website: