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Grand Opening for Atlantic Truck & Trailer Parts in Woodstock, NB

Woodstock, NB: Atlantic Truck & Trailer Parts is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new operations in Woodstock, N.B. today. The new business, located at 205 Tamarack Street, Beardsley Road, Woodstock, N.B. is a full service supplier of parts to heavy-duty truck and trailer customers.

"We are a full service heavy-duty parts supply company catering to the needs of trucking companies, truck and trailer repair facilities, and owner-operators," said Andrew Fisher, General Manager of Atlantic Truck and Trailer Parts. “We look forward to providing excellent customer service in the Greater Woodstock and western New Brunswick areas. We are the only heavy-duty parts supplier offering the AIR MILES® Reward Program in the region.”

Customer Service Desk at the Woodstock grand opening of Atlantic Truck & Trailer Parts.



Geoff Britt, Communications Officer
J.D. Irving, Limited