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Greg Adams Honoured with Forester Achievement Award

Fredericton, NB – The Association of Registered Professional Foresters of New Brunswick is pleased to announce Mr. Greg Adams as the 2016 recipient of the New Brunswick Professional Forester Achievement Award. This award is presented to an active member of the Association of Registered Professional Foresters of New Brunswick (ARPFNB) for outstanding achievement and contribution made to the sustainable management of New Brunswick’s forests. 

Mr. Greg Adams has led J.D. Irving, Limited’s tree improvement program for more than 25 years. He has worked as the company’s silviculture manager and supervised JDI’s nursery operations. He has consistently supported the use of science to advance sustainable forest management.

Mr. Adams has been involved with the company’s Forestry Research Advisory Committee (FRAC), coordinating activities for the group for over 15 years. He has developed lasting research networks, collaborations, and partnerships with leading forestry researchers and managers in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Maine. He has served as a member of the Executive Committee of the ARPFNB.

Mr. Adams has demonstrated initiative in advancing the science and management of New Brunswick forests. In 2016, Mr. Adams and Dr. David Miller of Carleton University received a Synergy Award from Canada’s Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) for their work in developing tree seedlings that are naturally more tolerant to insect pests. Mr. Adams has advised and supported more than 30 graduate student projects at UNB and Université de Moncton. He also serves on the University of Maine’s Cooperative Forestry Research Unit’s advisory committee.

Mr. Adams obtained his B.Sc. Forestry from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario and then attended UNB to earn his M.Sc. in forestry focusing on forest genetics. As a member of the ARPFNB executive committee he supported our recent renewal of continuing education requirements. 

Mr. Adams is well respected by his peers and senior managers in government, industry, and the research community. He has a strong reputation among all stakeholders for his integrity, ethics, sincerity, sense of fairness, and compassion. He is driven to do things right. He is a widely recognized and effective advocate for sustainable forest management.

The Association of Registered Professional Foresters of New Brunswick would like to congratulate Mr. Greg Adams on receiving the New Brunswick Professional Forester Achievement Award and recognize all his contributions in the field of Forestry. 

The Association of Registered Professional Foresters of New Brunswick is responsible to uphold the public interest respecting the practice of professional forestry by ensuring the competence, independence, professional conduct and integrity of our members. Our goals are to:
• Assure the general public of the proficiency, competency and integrity of the Registered Professional Foresters in the Province of New Brunswick through the practice of their profession; 
• Encourage a wider understanding of forestry issues;
• Improve the practice of professional forestry in the Province; 
• Promote and increase the interests, knowledge, skill, and proficiency of its members in all matters relating to forestry; to promote the best standards of forestry practice; and to maintain a high esprit de corps in the profession.

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Ed Czerwinski, RPF
Executive Director