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Growing better potatoes together


Growing potatoes continues to evolve. It’s a science and Cavendish Farms is leading the way in research and development. Cavendish Farms hosted its annual Growers Field Day in New Annan, Prince Edward Island on September 25. It’s an opportunity to share the results of innovative practices, new research and discuss the industry.

 Growers Day Group


Sixty-nine growers from across the Maritimes and 46 guests from research institutes, the PEI Potato Board, the PEI Department of Agriculture as well as technical consultants and private companies attended the event. Held at Cavendish Farms’ research fields, participants were led through a series of stations, each with their own research trials. 

 Growers Day 2


“We do field trials all summer. You can look around our research fields and see a lot of different trials being done on varieties and different applications and fertilizations. It’s an opportunity to get our growers out to see the results,” said Ron Clow, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Cavendish Farms.

There were also three smaller tailgate sessions held in east, central and west PEI this year.

“We believe initiatives like this will give growers tools that will enable them to improve their yields and the quality of their potatoes,” said Clow.

 Gowers Day 3


Cavendish Farms is using advanced techniques to develop potato varieties that are resistant to common scab and are partnering with research institutions like the Canadian Horticultural Council, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the University of Prince Edward Island to address some of the top challenges of the potato industry in Canada.

Bryan Maynard, a grower from PEI understands the importance of working with Cavendish Farms to improve and evolve. “The game is always changing. The benchmark is always rising. It goes to show how much effort is being put into staying at the top of our game when you see what goes into a day like today,” said Maynard.

 Bryan Maynard


Along with the growers and guests, J.D. Irving, Limited was also well represented at the annual Growers Field Day.  Cavendish Farms, Cavendish Agri Services and the Woodlands Division all participated in making the day a huge success.