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Happy Mother's Day!


Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to acknowledge some of the amazing working mothers we have throughout our businesses. Below are just some of the many stories of mother's and their children who are all members of the JDI Team. 

Julie Hebert has been with KENT for 30 years and has recently welcomed her daughter Ally to the purchasing team in January.  Julie, who has since moved to an Executive Assistant role.  "It's different to work with your child than it is to interact at home.  Overall is a positive experience. We get along well together at home and at work so it has been very enjoyable," said Julie. 

Even-though the pair work with each other, they still enjoy getting together on their free time. Camping with their family and preparing meals together is a preferred way to spend some quality time. Carpooling and always having someone to eat lunch with are just some of the perks of working with your mother. 

"I noticed when I first started that she really had a big role here, just as she does at home. It is nice to see how appreciated she is here," said Ally

We hope the Herbert's have a wonderful Mother's Day getting together with all of the family to celebrate this weekend. 



Elaine and Hilary Duncan are no strangers to the rail industry. For four generations, they've had family members working for local railways. Elaine followed in her mother's footsteps when she joined NBM Railways, and now her daughter, Hilary, has followed in hers. 

"It is wonderful, NB Southern is a big family.  Its like your second family,"  said Elaine

When Elaine began her career at NBM Railways she had the opportunity to be trained by her mother. Fast-forward a few years and Elaine was able to be a part of her daughter Hilary's introduction process as well.

From all of us at the railway - and across JDI - we wish you a very Happy Mother's Day! 


Cheryl McLellan's positive experience at Kent Building Supplies for 10 years motivated her son Drae McLellan to apply for a part-time Store Associate position at the Saint John West store. They both appreciate the fact that they get to work with "some of the nicest people you'll ever meet". 

For Mother's Day, Drae has the tradition of preparing breakfast for his mother and making and remaking Cheryl's difficult coffee order. On their off-time, Cheryl and Drae  enjoy playing video games together. 

"I love the family moment we have together.  She is a single mother and works hard.  When we can get those moments to have fun it is always a great time for me," said Drae.



This year Jeannette Leblanc will celebrate 40 years with JDI.  And for almost 30 of those years Jeannette has been the coordinator of the annual JDI Family Fun Fest.  Her team spirit and tireless efforts to give back to the community are amazing!  Her daughter Stephanie also brings great energy and creativity to the Communication team at JDI.  This is Steph's first Mother's Day with baby Claire and we look forward to welcoming her back this summer!

 Steph and Jeannette - Mother's Day 2019


From all of us at JDI we wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day!