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Irving Equipment Works with Treasure Seekers on Oak Island


Since the late 1700’s, Oak Island has drawn treasure seekers from across the globe. Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina and their team have unearthed many intriguing clues on the island located off the south shore of Nova Scotia while being followed as part of a history channel reality show, The Curse of Oak Island. 

These Oak Island treasure seekers brought in Andrew Folkins and the team at Irving Equipment to drill on an area of the island known as the “money pit.”

The work of the Irving Equipment team was captured as part of the History channel show now in its fourth season. 



Working on an island with such interesting history, and mystery, were not the only novelties of the experience, “Our day-to-day activities do not typically include a crew of six to ten film people on site,” said Folkins. “They respected our boundaries where safety is concerned and we did our best to offer them the cool shots they were looking for.”

Growing up, Folkins read The Hand of Robin Squires by Joan Clark, inspired by the Island’s rumors of treasure, “I never dreamed I’d actually be working on Oak Island.” 

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Season 4 premieres November 20, 2016.