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Irving Pulp and Paper Mills Among the Top Five for Safety in Canada

Pulp & Paper Canada magazine has recognized mills that have achieved an outstanding safety record. In 2018. Three J.D. Irving mills are amongst the top five performing mills in Canada for safety: Irving Paper (Saint John, NB), Irving Pulp & Paper (Saint John, NB) and Lake Utopia Paper (near St. George, NB).
“Congratulations and thank you to the teams at these three mills who are leading the country in safety performance,” said Jim Irving, Co-CEO of J.D. Irving, Limited.  We appreciate this well-deserved recognition of their commitment to keep one another safe.”

Together, these three mills represent a team of over 830 people and over $230 million in local purchases from New Brunswick suppliers.

2018 was also a year of record production for the pulp and paper group as well as environmental progress.

Since 1990, JDI pulp and paper operations have reduced their carbon footprint by 55%.  This puts them amongst the top performers in North America and exceeds the target set by the Government of Canada and the Paris Climate Change Accord.

Today renewable green energy sources have grown to 59% of the fuel used at the JDI pulp, paper and tissue mills.

A recent $30 million investment at Lake Utopia Paper near St. George, N.B. earned the team the 2019 Industry Excellence Award from Natural Resources magazine.  Natural Resources magazine's 2019 Industry Excellence Award in Environmental Stewardship.  The new environmental treatment facility turns organic waste into clean burning biogas. This green energy replaces the use of fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25%.  Check out the video here:  

 A 42% reduction in total waste between 2013 and 2018 has also been achieved by the company’s forest products operations. 
In addition, JDI forest products operations in Canada and the US, saw water usage reduced by over 4% in 2018.