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Irving Shipbuilding is Hiring!

New positions available at the Dartmouth Marine Facility as we get ready to cut steel on September 1, 2015. With steel cutting for the new Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS) contract just five months away, Irving Shipbuilding is now hiring for its Dartmouth Marine Facility. Current job openings include Shop Manager and Marine Fabricators.

“We are very excited to start hiring for the new Marine Fabricators facility,” says Brian McCarthy, Vice President of Human Resources with Irving Shipbuilding. “We’ve had a tremendous response and a lot of interest from prospective candidates and look forward to having an initial team of 20 in training by the end of April. We expect to continue to grow the team until we reach our peak of about 40 employees later in the year.”

With the AOPS contract, an estimated 1,000+ jobs will be sustained at the peak of production, bringing total employment at Irving Shipbuilding to approximately 1,600 at this phase of the program. The company will continue recalling employees from its seniority lists as AOPS construction progresses.  It is expected that the largest trade requirements will be welding, metal fabrication, and ironwork.  Electrical and pipefitting trade requirements will increase as the first ship reaches later stages of production.  It is expected that the largest future requirements for AOPS staff positions will be in planning, production management, and supervision areas.

For more information on job opportunities and careers at Irving Shipbuilding, please visit their website.