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Irving Shipbuilding Statement

Attributable to Kevin McCoy, President, Irving Shipbuilding

We commend the RCMP, as well as the police services in Ontario, for their diligence in protecting Canadian interests.  Lloyd's Register Canada Ltd. is a supplier to Irving Shipbuilding on the Definition Contract for the Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS), the first set of vessels under the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS).

Security of information surrounding the AOPS project, and all NSPS programs is tightly controlled at Irving Shipbuilding.  We adhere to all security protocols required by our customers.

We can confirm that the accused was at no time employed by or on Irving Shipbuilding property.  We are further being assured by our subcontractor Lloyd's Register Canada Ltd. that the accused did not have security clearance and was therefore not involved in any work nor did he have direct access to any classified or controlled information pertaining to AOPS or NSPS.

We will look forward to the outcome of investigations by the RCMP and Police services. We have not yet been contacted by RCMP or any law enforcement authorities, but will of course cooperate fully with the investigations as required.  We have been in touch with our customers, apprising them of the details surrounding this matter as we know them and will continue to keep them updated.  We will request additional investigative assurances from our subcontractor regarding the security of their systems and their compliance with ours and Canada's security requirements.

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