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Irving Woodlands celebrates World Tourism Day 2021


Irving Woodlands joins the world in celebrating World Tourism Day on September 27, a day that recognizes and promotes tourism's contribution to communities and the role it can play in generating growth. 

We are working hard every day to be good stewards of the land through conservation, sustainable management, the protection of biodiversity, and the promotion of sustainable tourism.

New Brunswick's Acadian forests boast a rich and complex diversity of tree species, ranging from full hardwood stands, to mixed, to full softwood stands. This combination of species makes for a splash of colour in autumn as the leaves change and the trees become dormant for winter.

There are many areas across the province on the lands we own or manage for tourists or local travelers to see this annual phenomenon!

 World Tourism Day 2021


The Irving Nature Park, a 600-acre site located in Saint John, New Brunswick, has been a hub for tourism and information opportunities since its creation in 1992. Nature parks are crucial and valuable to New Brunswick and Canada as a whole, for wildlife habitat and ecosystem protection, havens for people to exercise or relax, and a chance to learn about the environment around them. At the Park, you can stroll or swim along Saint’s Rest Beach as the foliage changes around you or go hiking and biking through one of their many trails!

The NB ATV Federation boasts over 5,000 kilometres of trails and we are happy to provide 800 kilometres of those trails on lands we own or manage! These trails meander through beautiful mixed wood stands throughout the province, so be sure to grab your friends and family and hit the trails before the season is over. 

 World Tourism Day 2021 2


Our Black Brook district near Saint Leonard, New Brunswick, is a popular destination for our Northern New Brunswick foresters to take groups on tours. The stunning stands of hardwood trees on our land promote a healthy, diverse forest of 32 native species of hardwood and softwood trees. 

 World Tourism Day 2021 3


Our conservation program, launched in the 1980s, has grown to include over 1,700+ sites across New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Maine. It conserves and maintains natural resources such as lakes and wetlands, unique forest stands, and geological and fossil formations. We also ensure that the habitats of identified rare or uncommon species of fish, birds and mammals, and reptiles and invertebrates are maintained.

Keep an eye on the Irving Woodlands’ social media pages to stay up to date on our conservation areas and practices!