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It is a Great Time to be a Young Engineer

Here at J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) we are making big investments with our new Pulp Mill Modernization. This project is one of the many ways JDI is providing jobs for local contractors and great experiences for new and long serving engineers on our team. Vimeo YouTube

Ben Mills, UNB 2013 (left) and John Cummings, UNB 1985 (right) are two of many engineers that are involved with this $450 million dollar project. Ben has been with the company for two years and he is already involved in one of the largest Pulp Mill modernization projects in Canada since 1993. 

“I’ve always liked to build things”, says Ben “It is always interesting to see the designs come off the page and this project is an exciting challenge so early in my career.” 

“The size of the projects we are now doing makes it a great time to be a young engineer,” says John who has worked at the pulp mill for 25 years and been part of many changes as part of the company’s continuous investment in new technology. “There is no shortage of opportunities to learn and to develop.” 

JDI has a strong focus of growing on careers and giving young people entering the workforce a chance to gain and develop skills. JDI is looking to fill 503 engineering positions between 2015 and 2017. Apply to join our JDI team and start growing your career here at home! 

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