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It's National Trucking Week!


Did you know there are more than 260,000 professional truck drivers working across Canada? These men and women keep freight moving, and travel millions of miles over the course of their careers. It’s an incredible, and underrated industry. 

At JDI, we employ over 1,500 professional drivers and owner operators across our enterprise, with over 10,000 combined years of service! They occupy a critical niche in supply chains, sustain national and cross-border transportation networks, and operate across vast geographic regions spanning Canada, and the Continental United States. They're often on the front lines, dealing directly with customers and making first impressions that influence those relationships down the road. 



If you look across all JDI divisions, you’ll see one of the world’s most diverse arrays of trucking activities, all under one roof! The opportunities for integration, efficiency and expediency are limitless. In addition, our drivers have the opportunity to grow their careers by taking on new roles in different businesses, or in moving into administrative roles and leveraging their knowledge of the industry. 



As we recruit the workforce of the future, we are also working with great partners – including Trucking HR Canada, and our provincial trucking associations – to raise the profile of professional driving. 

Are you interested in driving professionally? Visit to view openings. Class 1 Professional Driver License is required for consideration.