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J.D. Irving, Limited offers support to Ukraine through donations, immigration


SAINT JOHN – In support of the Ukrainian people as they deal with the tragedy unfolding in their country, J.D. Irving Limited will match their employees’ donations to the Canadian Red Cross’ “Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal” up to $100,000.


“We are deeply saddened about the tragic situation in Ukraine. We support Canada and the many nations who oppose this attack. We want to do everything we can to support the Red Cross’ efforts to assist in the crisis,” said J.D. Irving, Limited Co-CEO Jim Irving.


“In situations like these, many of us are looking for ways to help. One way is to donate to humanitarian efforts assisting Ukrainians suffering from the fallout of this war,” said J.D. Irving Limited Co-CEO Robert K. Irving. “We are encouraging our employees to give to the Red Cross as their donations can make a difference.”


Donations will be used for everything from delivering urgent assistance including food, fuel, medical supplies, to housing support, livelihood support, psychological support, and operating mobile health teams.


“Approximately 75 people have joined our company in the last couple of years from Ukraine, and 110 more are waiting to come to jobs with us in Canada,” said Jim Irving. “Our message to the federal government continues to be that we are a willing partner in bringing Ukrainian families to Canada where they can be safe.”




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