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Careers in Motion: Our Student Experiences - Jacob Ryan

Jacob Ryan is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student at Memorial University in St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador. He is returning to the Careers in Motion program in Asset Management for Atlantic Towing, Limited. Jacob worked through the winter semester in Saint John, New Brunswick. This summer he’s made the move closer to home in Newfoundland working at our St. John’s operations. We spoke with Jacob to learn about his experience.


How were you introduced to JDI and how did you get involved with the Careers in Motion program?

“I got involved when I was working part-time at Kent. My boss there suggested the program and from there I decided that Atlantic Towing would be the best fit for me.”


Tell me about your roles and responsibilities with Atlantic Towing, Limited:

In the winter, I researched and gathered information to help create a better lubrication oil sampling process on vessels. This included updated procedures and then, with help, created a dashboard to easily display the health of the oil on the vessels. Overall, I would say my role is very project based, hands on, but also allows for many learning experiences even on projects I may not be heavily involved in.


How has the move from New Brunswick to Newfoundland impacted you and your work?

"I have had the unique experience of working with JDI and Atlantic Towing in both Newfoundland and Saint John. I did four months in Saint John last winter and I learned a lot about myself and JDI as a company. Even with some COVID restrictions, we were still able to have some helpful student events and I was able to learn a lot about myself moving out on my own."


What’s one thing you’d like to highlight about your time with JDI?

"If I were to choose one thing about JDI to highlight I would have to mention how welcoming and polite everyone is. I work with a great small team within Atlantic Towing and everyone I have met outside of that has been incredibly helpful and polite. I think that JDI is a great company when it comes to their commitment to continuous improvement. They allow their employees to become more valuable from within and care about their ability to improve themselves."


Jacob plans to graduate in May of 2024. He hopes to complete his yellow belt by the end of this work term. From there, Jacob hopes to continue working with J.D. Irving, Limited in the future.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Careers in Motion and the Transportation and Logistics Division

Careers in Motion is the student work-term program set in place by the Transportation and Logistics Division at J.D. Irving, Limited. It allows our summer students to develop as professionals, network, and interact with each other. The students are given opportunities to meet with senior leaders, tour facilities and work together with peers to make the most of their work term.

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