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JDI Celebrates National Forest Week

J.D. Irving, Limited is pleased to celebrate this year's National Forest Week as it pays tribute to the vital contribution of forest workers and professionals involved in managing all aspects of the forest.

This year’s theme is "The Greenest Work Force”.

JDI's forest operations directly and indirectly employ over 11,000 people*. JDI believes in balancing jobs with healthy forests. The company's award-winning Unique Areas Program has set aside over 1150 sites* on almost 214,000 acres, which includes protection for birds and mammals; fish; old growth and high-conservation forests, lakes and wetlands; plants; reptiles and invertebrates; and late successional forests.  See [chart] for complete listing. 

JDI also believes a healthy forest supports healthy communities and economies.  A healthy business allows the company to reinvest in sustainable forest management and regeneration of the natural resource at the heart of our business. 

This year JDI planted over 25 million seedlings and reached an amazing milestone of over 940 million trees planted since 1957 - a national record! More information on National Forest Week and the Greenest Workforce can be found  [here].

Stay tuned for the release this fall of our second annual forest operations Corporate Sustainability Report where you can read about the environmental, social, and economic performance of our company’s forest products business.