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JDI Celebrates National Skilled Trades and Technology Week

November 2 to 8 marks Skills Canada’s National Skilled Trades and Technology Week. 

We’re hiring over 530 skilled tradespeople over the next three years.

Watch Sean's Story:

  Sean's Story

We’re proud to inspire the next generation of skilled tradespeople through programs, partnerships, and scholarships:

New Brunswick Community College
• Almost 1500 New Brunswick Community College and CCNB graduates are currently employed across our operations. 97% of them are working here at home in New Brunswick.  Watch our video on our growing partnership here.  

Nova Scotia Community College
• JDI currently employs 228  NSCC grads across all divisions.

• In 2015, a dozen students entering shipbuilding-related trades at Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) were awarded the first-ever Irving Shipbuilding Centre of Excellence bursaries. The $3,130 biennial bursaries cover 100% of tuition costs for diploma programs related to the shipbuilding sector; they are renewable for the second year of the two-year program based on academic performance. These bursaries will be offered again in 2017 through the NSCC Foundation.  Read more here.

• Through Women Unlimited and Nova Scotia Community College, Irving Shipbuilding, Inc. and the Canadian Welding Association awarded educational bursaries for 19 women in Metal Fabrication or Welding diplomas. Watch video here.

Read more about the Women Unlimited Program. 

Marine Institute
• In the last three years, 30 cadets from the Marine Institute have secured full-time jobs with Atlantic Towing. In the next three years, Atlantic Towing expects to hire an additional 60 cadets. Watch video of the cadets’ experience at sea with Atlantic Towing.  

• The Bridge, a magazine published by the Marine Institute at Memorial University in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, published a feature story on women in the workforce at Atlantic Towing.  Read the online magazine here.

Between 2015 and 2017 we are looking to hire over 7900 people to our diverse operations in Canada and the US.  Skilled trades are a big part of our hiring focus.  We value the partnerships we have with community colleges where we operate and the opportunity to engage with talented students through paid apprentices and co-op experiences.

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