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JDI Enviro Training


Every spring our forest professionals and contractors go through rigorous environment training, to ensure that they are able to spot key indicators that help us conserve unique sites and maintain the forests. Enviro-training is developed and run by our Naturalist, Kelly Honeyman and our Biologist, John Gilbert, which ensures the well-being of the environment is the number one concern throughout the training. 

“It’s important for us to train these guys to recognize what the significant features are on the landscape” says Kelly Honeyman.


Enviro-training covers topics from how to spot rare plants to site specific habitat procedures when a stick nest or bear den is located. Part of the process when rare plants, unique areas, or other sensitive areas are found is to drop GPS coordinates onto our mapping systems. This documentation ensures that the site can be preserved and operations will allow for a buffer zone around the site. Our GPS programs will keep track of all sites, and will be used in the future when operations come back to the area. 

Our voluntary and award-winning Unique Areas program has grown from 29 sites in the 1980’s to over 1300 sites to date on the lands we own and manage in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Maine. We value the partnerships we have with many environmental and community groups, as well as local universities in identifying, conserving, and studying these special places which include the following:
- Aesthetics
- Birds and Mammals
- Fish
- Lakes and Wetlands
- Old growth & High Conservation Forests
- Plants
- Historic Sites
- Geological And Fossil
- Reptiles & Invertebrates 
- Unique Forest stands

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