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Keeping Them Home: Meet the McLaughlin Sisters

 JDI Generations McLaughlin Sisters


Alicia and Danielle McLaughlin are sisters who have been side-by-side since they can remember. They grew up playing the same sports and hanging out with the same group of friends. Now, well into adulthood, they are working for the same company!

Alicia is a Talent Specialist with the Human Resources team at J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI). She has been with the company for two years. Before coming to JDI, Alicia graduated from the University of New Brunswick Saint John with a Bachelor in Science, majoring in Marine Biology. She also went to Nova Scotia Community College to study Marine Geomatics. This is where she discovered her love of analyzing and working with data. Her current role with the Human Resources team allows her to expand on that passion while using some of the latest tools in data visualization.

Alicia's sister, Danielle, has been with the JDI Finance Team in the Payroll group for less than a year. She originally went to New Brunswick Community College and graduated from the Pharmacy Technician course before realizing her desire to pursue a career in business. She is a University of New Brunswick Saint John graduate as well and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resources Management. 

"I was always talking about how great the culture was at JDI. I would brag about the fun events happening at the office" says Alicia about convincing her sister to apply at JDI. "She made it sound like the best place to work." adds Danielle.

When asked about what it is like having your sister work in the same building as you, Danielle says, "It is awesome! We eat lunch together, go for walks when it is nice, go out for a coffee. It was nice coming into a role where I already had a familiar face to talk to and knew I would not be alone."

"We are always together," says Alicia "outside of work we go to the gym together, enjoy family suppers, go shopping."

The McLaughlin family are Saint John natives and it was important for both girls to work and grow their lives in their hometown. "There is nothing that feels like home quite like the East Coast. I cannot image living somewhere where you couldn't go for a walk and be next to the Bay of Fundy," says Danielle.

"I went to school in rural Nova Scotia and it really made me appreciate being home in Saint John and close to my family," adds Alicia. "I cannot imagine working far away."

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