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Kent Homes Introduces the Micro Home




In response to a growing consumer interest toward simpler living in smaller, more efficient spaces, the team at Kent Homes has launched a new line of "Tiny Homes."  

Steve Wheeler, General Manager of Kent Homes credits his young design team for brainstorming great space-saving interior features for its introductory design "The Haven" - a 175 sq. ft. Cape style, Micro Home, built and designed at the Kent Homes Bouctouche plant. 

The home was recently revealed at a Kent Homes Retailers Conference in Shediac. 

"We are excited about being first to market in the region,"  Wheeler said.

"Tiny home living is giving more and more people the chance to focus on what matters most to them, whether it's travel, living with a lower environmental footprint, a space for extended family to visit, or a retreat from the day to day," said Sam Forestell, Project Engineer, Kent Homes.  

For complete layout details and design features of "The Haven," "The Ramble," and "The Larks Nest" visit