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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Lake Utopia Paper

Last week, over 300 employees and families, retirees and community leaders gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lake Utopia Paper. In addition to 50 years of operations, the event recognized Lake Utopia Paper's commitment to its people, customers and the local community.

Lake Utopia Paper produces high-quality corrugating medium, which is the key component in the production of box packaging, for over 25 countries across the globe.

"It is a great source of pride for Lake Utopia Paper to not only play a vital part in the JDI forest products supply chain, but also to be the supplier of choice for our customers," says Dale Chaffey, Lake Utopia Paper mill manager. 

The story of the mill begins in 1969 when Fundy Forest Industries Limited was incorporated to construct a mill to manufacture corrugating medium from hardwood pulp. J.D. Irving, Limited purchased the mill in 1973 and changed the name to Lake Utopia Paper. Since then, every corner of the Lake Utopia Paper site and every mill process has been replaced or upgraded. In the last five years alone, over $125 million capital investments have been made. All this is due to the team's hard work, initiative and perseverance in building a prosperous place for generations to thrive. 

With deep roots in the local community, Lake Utopia Paper employs more than 120 people directly on site and hundreds more indirectly. The mill is a source of countless opportunities for small businesses, especially in rural New Brunswick. 

"To the community, customers and past and present employees - thank you for being part of the journey, we look forward to all that is ahead," says Chaffey.