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Leading the Way for Women in Power Engineering

Krista Parker, a Steam Plant Operator from St. Andrews, New Brunswick has just received her First-Class Power Engineering license. She is one of only 96 people with a First-Class license in New Brunswick. Currently, out of those 96 Krista is the ONLY female to receive her First-Class.

In 2010, Krista graduated from NBCC with her Third-Class Power Engineering license. After completing a 6-week work-term at Lake Utopia Paper in St. George she was hired on full-time. 

Her journey to becoming an engineer began more than 15 years ago during Take Your Kids to Work Day. 

 Krista Parker


“In 2004, for take your kid to work day, I went with my grandmother to Point Lepreau Generating Station. It was an excellent tour and eye opener to employment in an industrial setting. While I was there that day I followed a Power Engineer. She showed me what her typical day consisted of and when asked, she told me that her strong classes in school were math and science, which were also my strong areas. I found the industrial setting and her day to day work interesting and something that I could see myself doing for a career. In the fall of 2007, I applied to the Power Engineering Technology program at NBCC.”

For the last 9 years, she has worked tirelessly towards her goal of becoming a First-Class Power Engineer.  

“A lot of studying and exams has gone into this. The short answer is that it takes 8 three-hour exams plus 6 years of related practical experience in the field to obtain your first-class license.” 

When asked how it feels to be the first female in New Brunswick to obtain a first-class license her response is “unreal”.

“I still cannot believe that I am the only female. It wasn’t something I even thought about while writing my First-Class. I wrote it to challenge myself and to further my education. When I found out that not only was I, one in 96 First Class Power Engineers in New Brunswick. but also the first female, I was shocked, and still am.”

Krista’s advice for anyone thinking of a career in Power Engineering – study hard and work hard!

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