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Learning through Optimizing Operations

 Patrick Ruest Student Profile

The Sawmill Division welcomes co-op students and  interns, to our sites as a great source of  new ideas for the team. Patrick Ruest, a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student from the Université de Moncton, spent the last semester at the Kedgwick Sawmill in Kedgwick, NB. He was brought in to optimize the efficiency of the boilers and kilns. Now that he's successfully completed his workterm, we asked him what 3 things he learned on the job.

1. Working as a team: As a new member of the sawmill, Patrick had the opportunity to bring new ideas to the table and learn how to drive positive results and improvement within the group.

2. Practical skills: "At school we learn how to calculate and design thermal equipment. But in real life, operating and improving is a different story.  It is nice to see years of experiences and new theory positively come together for a common purpose," said Patrick"

3. Understanding the difference between spending and adding value: "Working on process improvement projects taught me the difference between investing and spending. We spend money to maintain our equipment but we invest to make them better in one way or another (safety, efficiency, productivity, etc). This is what makes JDI worldclass, not only do they maintain their equipment, but they also invest to keep their sites and equipment world class.

Are you interested in a work term at JDI? We are currently hiring for the 2020 fall work term.