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Life-Changing Research to Help Children with Cancer

Irving Shipbuilding’s donation of $500,000 to the IWK Healthcare Foundation has helped refurbish the Berman Zebrafish Lab in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The newly enhanced lab is actively researching various treatments for cancer and blood disorders in children.

“When we first built the lab we started with nothing. The room was just an empty shell, so we custom-designed all of the rooms and equipment needed to make this project come to life. Irving Shipbuilding really provided us with the seed money we needed to make those things a reality,” stated Dr. Jason N. Berman, lead researcher and Pediatric Oncologist at the IWK Children’s Hospital.

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Now that the new lab is up and running, Dr. Berman and his team are able to sustain the growth of up to 70,000 zebrafish.

“We can screen large numbers of zebrafish with many compounds very quickly and much more efficiently than we could in mice or other animal models in order to find treatments that restore normal cell development,” Dr. Berman said.

Learn more about  the Berman Zebrafish Laboratory by visiting its website.