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Lifelong Pals

Dianne Godfrey and Chantal O’Brien are proof of the life-changing relationships that come from the Partners Assisting Local Schools (PALS) program. 

Dianne Godfrey, Executive Assistant to Mr. J.K. Irving, was matched as a mentor with Chantal through the Big Brothers Big Sisters and the PALS program when Chantal was a student in first grade at Prince Charles School. Meeting on a weekly basis, Dianne and Chantal’s relationship developed over the years to a special, lasting friendship. “Each time we met, we were like any other old friends catching up. It has been a very rewarding journey,” said Dianne.

 Dianne Godfrey and Chantal O'Brien met through the Big Brothers Big Sisters and the PALS program when Chantal was a student in first grade.

This past June, Chantal graduated from high school, and Dianne was there to share this milestone with her and her family. Chantal also received the Turnaround Achievement Award, an award given by the school district as recognition to a student who has made positive changes to their life.

Dianne marks this achievement as their most memorable moment.

“The most important lesson I learned from Dianne is to never say you can’t do something. She always had good advice and left me feeling proud of myself,” says Chantal. “She was not only a mentor, but a person I still look up to, the backbone in my life.”  

Both recommend the PALS program to anyone wishing to make a difference, emphasizing that the benefits go both ways. Dianne explains, “Not only are you a positive influence to these children, but you can’t help but feel good when you see their smiling faces waiting for you when you come through those school doors.”

Congratulations Chantal!

If you or your organization are interested in getting involved with Partners Assisting Local Schools, please contact Deborah Fisher, PALS Coordinator, at (506) 632-6071 or