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Like Father, Like Son - Meet the Peters


Like father, like son, Bailey Peters is one our JDI IT summer students, and joining the JDI family in a similar way to his father, Brad Peters. Having also started as a student in 1999, Brad is now General Manager of Kent Homes and is encouraging his son to work hard and grow with a company that values family as much as he does.

 Peters Family


After spending five summers working in the Woodlands Division as a student, Brad was offered a full-time position to join the team in Chipman, New Brunswick as a Harvesting Supervisor after graduation (2003). While working in the Woodlands Division, Brad was able to experience various roles and projects allowing him to grow with the company. During his Ivey EMBA in 2011 he transferred to the Pulp and Paper Division as a Sales Representative. From there, he moved to JDI Corporate Communications and worked on brand governance. Now, Brad leads the Kent Homes team in Bouctouche, New Brunswick as the General Manager and couldn’t be happier with the various roles that have led him here.

"A cool thing for students at JDI is there is never a dull moment," says Brad. " Talking to Bailey about the summer experiences he’s had working in so many diverse projects in one company is a truly unique experience. Being a summer student at JDI you are really part of the staff and working on various assignments that matter. That’s really valuable!"

Bailey started as a student two summers ago, in 2018, working at the KBS store in Rothesay. In 2019 and 2020, he has had the opportunity to work for various divisions with the JDI IT team. Knowing he wanted to work in IT, Bailey saw from his father's experience, JDI would be the best fit for him to gain valuable experience in multiple areas and to find opportunities to grow. Bailey now has experience working at the Pulp and Paper mills and at our Saint John head office.

“Having JDI on my resume is something I’m very proud of,” says Bailey.

The best advice he received from his father when coming to JDI? Work hard.

“One thing you can control is work ethic," Brad tells his son. "Everyone has strengths in different areas, whether it be public speaking or mathematics, but one thing we can all control is hard work and hard work gets noticed.”

Bailey began working at 300 Union at the same time Brad was moving to Bouctouche and did not get the opportunity to work directly with his dad. Although the two think it would have been a fun experience, Bailey says he enjoys the familiarity of working for a company he has a connection to.

“Last year, I was working on the 11th floor and people recognized me at Brad’s son – it’s nice to make those connections,” says Bailey.

Now, the father son duo catch up on the golf course and over occasional lunches. Spending time with family is important to the Peters’. And though they don’t often cross paths in the office, whether it be at the beaches in Shediac or competing on the golf course, they make spending time together a top priority.